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Stem One in News

  Stem Cells give new life to paralyzed gymnast


StemOne attends 10th APCBBC conference, Egypt 2012

Mr. Chaitanya Purandare, CMD and Mrs. Rupa Purandare, DMM  of StemOne Biologicals recently attended the 10th APCBBC conference hosted by Egypt. 

CellSafe, Egypt a member of APCBBC once again brought together all the members of APCBBC to talk about the applications of cord blood stem cells in the region today and tomorrow.

APCBBC(Asia Pacific Cord Blood Bank Consortium) established in 2002 with a mission to promote the benefits of cord blood stem cell banking and therapy to medical personnels, parents and general public. APCBBC offers its members a chance to discuss the advances and medical breakthroughs in the field of stem cells. 


StemOne's second research paper on Cerebral Palsy

StemOne feels proud to announce the publishing of StemOne's second research paper on Cerebral Palsy. The study found that the use of autologous bone marrow derived stem cell transplantation in Cerebral Palsy patients is safe. The report says that intrathecal infusions of BMMNCs is feasible and safe with encouraging imrovements in patients.


First research paper of StemOne Biologicals on Stroke

 A research team including of Mr. Chaitanya Purandare, Dr. Belle, Dr. Meghnad Joshi and Dr. D. G. Shitole carried out a study to evaluate the effect of autologous bone marrow and allogenic  cord blood stem cell transplantation in hemorrhagic stroke patients. It was found that intrathecal infusions of BMSCs and CBSCs appears to be safe without adverse effects. Two years follow up study revealed significant improvements.


  Sakal News :Mr. Chaitanya Purandare,CMD StemOne Biologicals,conferred with All India Achievers Award


  Mr. Chaitanya Purandare,CMD StemOne Biologicals,conferred with All India Achievers Award

  Mr. Chaitanya Purandare, Chairman and Managing Director, StemOne Biologicals Pvt. Ltd. a leading stem cell therapeutics company, was conferred with prestigious “Indian Leadership Award for Industrial Development” in the field of Biotechnology". The function was presided by Indian Economic Development and Research Association and All India Achievers Foundation on 25th of February, 2012 at Delhi. Present at the function was honorable Dr. Bhishma Narain Singh Ex. Governor Assam &Tamil Nadu. 

Speaking on this occasion, Mr.Chaitanya Purandare said "There is an ever growing need for new treatment modalities in order to treat the debilitating degenerative diseases. For accomplishing the same it is essential that we implement innovative and progressive technologies. We at StemOne are striving unremittingly to update the knowledge and systems to address the unmet medical needs and are privileged to be recognized for our novelty and capability.


StemOne Biologicals participated in ISCT 2011 meet at Rotterdam

StemOne Biologicals was an invitee to the International Society Of Cellular Therapy's annual conference at Rotterdam in 2011.Dr. Joshi attended the FACT JACIE workshop and Mr. Purandare attended the Global Regulatory Framework workshop.


  StemOne Biologicals hosted the annual APCBBC conference 2011

Stemone successfully hosted the 9th Asia Pacific Cord Blood Banking Consortium 2011 conference at the ICC Marriott, Pune. This was the first time that the conference had been held in India.                                                                                                                             Being the only member to represent India on the panel of APCBBC, it was Stemone's privilege to host members from countries ranging from Australia, Korea and Taiwan on the Pacific rim, across South East Asia to members from Eygpt and South Africa. The main theme of the conference was Cord Blood Banking and movements within the Regenerative Medicine space across SE Asia.

The conference spanned 2 days with the first day reserved for member state updates. The 2nd day covered national and international guest speakers and representatives of companies that manufacture products for the cord blood and regenerative medicine industry.


  First Stem cell infusion in Indore


  Dr.Joshi inaugurating scientific journal at MGM Hospital, Aurangabad



StemOne wish to announce the birth of a New Partnership

StemOne Biologicals and Nanog International wish to announce the birth of a new partnership. Founded in 2005, Nanog International operates cord blood banking services in Europe, Canada, the Middle East and now in India, based in Pune. Managed by experts in stem cell research and cryo-preservation of cord blood,they will operate the partnership's client services to Indians and expatriates throughout the country.

In the new cord blood banking partnership, Nanog India will deal with clients and medical professionals for the collection of umbilical cord blood to be preserved for therapeutic use under the expertise and in the state of the art facility of StemOne Biologicals.

Working together to provide India's premier cord blood banking service.

Two companies,two specialists,one mission,Cord Blood Banking to International standards.


StemOne Biologicals is proud to be Gold Sponsor for India Stem Cell Conclave & Exhibition 2010

India Stem Cell Conclave and Exhibition 2010 is a two day program to be held at Hyatt Regency, Mumbai, on 23-24 October 2010. The conclave will be the premium meeting ground for people from various fields of expertise like industry,investors,practitioners and analysts who will converge to make this the largest ever Stem Cell conference in India.

The exhibition will be India's premier Stem Cell Exhibition,this expo will run concurrently with the conclave and will be opened to the public from all walks of life to participate.This will be a first time opportunity to get in-depth information on stem cell storage and clinical treatments and also come face to face with the people in the stem cell industry.



  StemOne Biologicals Pvt. Ltd. ties up with Bionet, Taiwan

In a recent visit to Taiwan, Mr. Chaitanya Purandare, CMD of StemOne Biologicals Pvt. Ltd. in the press conference made a tie-up with Bionet, a Taiwan based Stem Cell Company. The motive behind this tie up is to explore the stem cell therapeutics opportunities in India and Taiwan. StemOne Biologicals is one of the frontrunner companies in India providing the stem cell related services, from storage to utilization. The mission of S1B is to become the best equipped laboratory in India to provide stem cell related services. Bionet Corp., Taiwan has always strongly believed in the motto “Quality, Professional, and Caring” as it aims to improve the quality of human life accompanied business operation with contribution to the community. It is believed that the tie up will open new avenues in the field of stem cell therapy. 


StemOne Biologicals marks its presence in the APCBBC conference, Bangkok, 2009

APCBBC (Asia Pacific Cord Blood Bank Consortium) was established in 2002 with a mission of spreading the awareness about cord blood banking and Stem cell therapy to the health professionals, common people and those who can be benefited by this. APCBBC provides an opening to all the members to discuss about the future prospective in the field of stem cell services.

StemOne Biologicals Pvt. Ltd. feels proud to be one of the 11 members of APCBBC across the world. The Chairman and Managing Director of StemOne Biologicals attended the 7th APCBBC conference held in the month of December, 2009 at Bangkok gave the updates about stem cell therapy in the region around India and delivered a speech on the use of stem cells for a wide range of disorders. The CMD discussed several issues one of which included the need of a governing body to regulate the use of stem cells in India.


  Part I: Stem cell therapy offers new hope


  Part II: Stem cell therapy offers new hope